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Richard Grenell: An American Hero Under Attack…….


The Left is in a quandary, so they call him traitor…

Richard Grenell: An American Hero Under Attack

No figure in the Trump administration has been a greater champion of equality for gay people.

President Trump’s new appointee to be the Acting Director of National Intelligence is under vicious attack from the left and from the LGBT Left in particular – a telling fact since no figure in the Trump administration has been a greater champion of equality for gay people.


After the attacks of September 11, the position of the Director of National Intelligence was created to coordinate all of our intelligence agencies against the external terror threat. As the Spygate scandal continues to undermine trust in the intelligence community, the position is more important than ever.


President Trump’s appointment of Richard Grenell as Acting Director has infuriated the Obama veterans and holdovers responsible for Spygate, as well as the LGBT Left.


As Trump’s ambassador to Germany, Grenell successfully led tariff negotiations with German automakers, helped gain subsidies for American energy shipments to Germany, convinced most major German companies to pull out of Iran, closed German airspace to an Iranian airline, stopped $300 million euros in gold and currency from going to Iran, and got Germany to ban Hezbollah.


Coming off this successful winning streak, Grenell is already under vicious attack because his track record shows that he can get things done, and get them done for America. And that’s the last thing that the anti-American Left wants.


The old allies of James Clapper and Susan Rice, Obama’s intelligence bosses, fear that Grenell’s appointment will finally allow Trump to clean house and expose their abuses of power, while the organized LGBT Left fears that Grenell will expose their hypocrisy and lack of concern for gay people.


Both of these big lies converge on Iran.


The Obama intel veterans have used every dirty trick, in and out of office, to help Iran. While the LGBT Left has been infuriated by Grenell’s insistence on exposing Iran’s executions of gay people.


And the truly infuriating thing for leftwing hypocrites is that Grenell is gay.

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