Netherlands: Dutch Book Distributor Refuses To Stop Selling Nazi Books……..





Polish Auschwitz Museum Reprimands Dutch Distributor for Selling Nazi Books

The Polish Auschwitz Memorial Museum has called on Amazon and the Dutch distributor to stop immediately with the sale of “hate-mongering, horrible and antisemitic books.”


These companies sell books of Nazi war criminals Heinrich Himmler en Julius Streicher. understands the motifs of the request but has replied that it will not withdraw the books from sale.

Auschwitz Museum furious at to sell ‘spiteful and horrible’ Nazi books

The Auschwitz Memorial Museum makes an urgent appeal to and Amazon to immediately stop selling ‘hateful, horrible and anti-Semitic books’. Controversial books by authors such as war criminals Heinrich Himmler and Julius Streicher are sold in the company’s web shop. understands the call and understands the sentiment, but does not take the books off for sale.


The Polish museum shared an open letter yesterday from the British organization Holocaust Educational Trust, which wants to keep alive the memory of the horrors of the Nazis. In that open letter it was stated that you can buy books from Amazon, among others, from Julius Streicher, the founder and publisher of the anti-Semitic Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer. Streicher was executed after the war for crimes against humanity. His controversial books are also offered for sale at


This includes his coloring book Der Giftpilzfrom 1938, which was used as evidence during the Nuremberg Trial. There were 24 leaders of the Nazi regime on trial after the war, including Streicher. “This book marks Jews as persecutors of the working class, as people who make the races impure, as devils in human form, poisonous mushrooms and murderers,” the letter says. “This book told school children that they can recognize Jews by a caricature of their physical characteristics.”


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