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Israel: #RelentlessJihad Continues With 22 Terror Rockets Shot From Gaza Into Southern Israel…….


They will never stop until they are ultimately stopped…


I sat in on a meeting in Helsinki with Jewish leaders and Israeli government officials talking about Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza. The only salient question asked during the entire meeting was: “What are you going to do once the rockets come over the fence?”


22 Rockets fired into Israeli territory from Gaza

Terrorists launch rockets at Israeli towns in latest escalation on Israel-Gaza border. Iron Dome intercepts 10 rockets.


Terrorists in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip launched 22 rockets at southern Israel Sunday evening, targeting border towns and coastal cities including Sderot and Ashkelon.


Shortly after the rocket launches were detected, Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system was activated, shooting down at least one rocket fired from Gaza into Israel. The Iron Dome system intercepted ten of the rockets, the IDF stated.


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