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Dr.Andrew Bostom: Wilders Calls Out The Islam-Fueled Western European Jew-Hatred…….


What other European political leader has been so consistently on target about Islam..?


Hard data on both anti-Semitic attitudes and non-lethal anti-Semitic violence, or violent threats provide irrefragable support for Wilders’ contention.


Wilders Calls Out The Islam-Fueled Western European Jew-Hatred

Speaking the truth about anti-Semitism’s cozy relationship with Islam’s defining text.

The Dutch CIDI (Centrum Informatie En Documentatie Israel) annual report for 2019 just released Monday 2/17/20, recorded 182 anti-Semitic incidents, its highest number ever registered since 1982, when monitoring began. This figure represented a 35% increase from 2018.


Even the CIDI’s full 99 page Dutch language report, however, provided only limited anecdotal information about a select sample of the perpetrators, rendering a quantitative determination of major (and/or relative) group responsibility impossible to assess. This glaring lacuna was “enlarged” by the report’s absence of background discussion of previously published comparative findings revealing disproportionate rates of extreme anti-Semitism, and anti-Semitic violence, or violent threats, among Western European Muslims, including confirmatory data on anti-Semitic attitudes within the Netherlands itself.


Dutch Parliamentarian Geert Wilders—the Netherland’s most informed and intellectually courageous politician on the subject of Islam—inveighed against the denial of what the report’s findings actually substantiated, during a floor debate, Tuesday 2/18/20. Eschewing the craven, vacuous platitudes of his colleagues, Wilders thundered,

[I]t is almost nauseating. We’ve been talking about anti-Semitism, here in the Lower House (of the Dutch Parliament) for ten minutes now. And nobody, really nobody has discussed the biggest cause of anti-Semitism, which is of course Islam, and Islamization. 

Observing that, “we have a million Muslims in the Netherlands right now,” and “Islam is synonymous with Jew-hatred,” Wilders demonstrated, accurately, how “intrinsic” Islamic anti-Semitism was redolent within Islam’s defining text, the Koran:

In the Koran its says that Jews are monkeys and pigs (Koran 5:60). That they are bad (5:79). That they cannot be trusted (5:13). That they are liars (2:100). That they are dishonest (3:78).

Wilders concluded by demanding that his colleagues acknowledge,

…there is a connection between mass immigration of people from Islamic countries, and anti-Semitism…If you do not, you are selling politically correct nonsense. 
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