Hamas Sluts: Seducing Israeli Soldiers For Allah…….


It’s always amusing to me when people are amazed over devout Muslims behaving in direct contradiction to their ideology’s precepts. When the end game is advancing Islam, anything goes, whether its drugs, gambling or prostitution (just fill in the blank), any vice becomes a virtue.


Israeli soldiers seduced by women in honeytrap – instead of sex pictures, Hamas malware

Dozens of soldiers have received spyware on their phones, reports AP.


The Islamic Hamas organization has succeeded in attracting dozens of Israeli soldiers to download malware into their mobile phones using a so-called honey trap. Contact with soldiers was found through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram, AP news agency reports.


Hamas members, pretending to be beautiful women seeking contact with male soldiers, asked Israelis to download an app that would allow them to share photos with each other. However, it was a Hamas malware that allowed the organization to access information on soldiers’ cell phones.


However, according to the Israeli armed forces, the plot was uncovered before significant damage occurred. According to the armed forces, Hamas did not gain access to significant secret information.


Messengers who had sent messages to the soldiers had claimed to have only emigrated to Israel and therefore did not know Hebrew. In turn, telephone conversations with the soldiers could not take place because they claimed to be either deaf or hard of hearing.



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