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Norway To Expel Islamic Preacher Mullah Krekar To Italy For Terror Offenses……..


Eight years ago the Finnish media gave this Islamonazi a platform to vent his spleen. 


We’ve seen this scenario before, just over three years ago an earlier extradition plea for Krekar was ultimately rescinded by the Italian government. Hopefully this one is finally carried out.


Norway expels Islamist preacher Mullah Krekar to Italy

Krekar is facing a 12-year prison sentence in Italy for terrorist offenses and for managing a jihadist network.

Extremist Islam

The Norwegian government has approved the expulsion of extremist Islamist preacher Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad , or mullah Krekar, to Italy. Krekar was sentenced in Italy last year to absentia for terrorism offenses and for managing a jihadist network.


Krekar, 63, is facing a 12-year prison sentence in Italy.


According to an Italian court, the Iraqi-born Krekar had led the jihadist network Rawti Shax. The trans-European network recruited and sent guest fighters to Iraq and Syria.


Previously, Krekar had set up a business organization called Ansar al-Islam to overthrow the Kurdish regime in Iraq. Its aim was to establish an Islamic caliphate in the region.


In 2014, Ansar al-Islam was reportedly merged into the Isis terrorist organization.


Krekar arrived in Norway as a refugee in 1991. He has received several convictions in Norway, including threats against Prime Minister Erna Solberg.


The expulsion has already been approved by the Norwegian judiciary, including the Supreme Court. On Wednesday, the Norwegian Ministry of Justice confirmed Krekar’s extradition to Italy.


Krekar has three weeks to appeal the decision to a special session of the government, and according to the lawyer, he is about to do so. According to the lawyer, there is no evidence of Krekar’s guilt.

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