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Dr.Andrew Bostom: “Abrahamism” Abets Genocidal Christian Persecution, and Israel’s Destruction…….


Interfaith “dialogue” events only serve the Mohammedan’s agenda, it’s why these Islamic agitprops so aggressively pursue them…


“Abrahamism” Abets Genocidal Christian Persecution, and Israel’s Destruction


The embrace of “Abrahamism” as an overarching paradigm for interfaith dialogue, epitomized by the U.S. Department of State-supported Abrahamic Faiths Initiative, is fraught with existential dangers for Christians and Jews.


At its core, Abrahamism is unabashed theological Islamic supremacism—rooted in Koran 3:64 to 3:68, especially 3:67—and the classical-cum-modern authoritative Koranic exegeses on these verses.


Late Al-Azhar University Grand Imam, and seminal modern Koranic commentator, Muhammad Sayyid Tantawi (d. 2010), illustrates these enduring trends, till now, including their association with canonical Islamic Antisemitism. Tantawi’s authoritative gloss on Koran 3:67 from his magnum opus Koranic commentary, The broad interpretation of the holy Koran,  re-affirms the supremacy of the claim of Islam, and Muslims, to Abraham, and ends with a statement of conspiratorial Islamic Jew-hatred:


“This noble verse [Koran 3:67] mentions Abraham and exposes those unbelievers from the People of the Book [Scripture] who claimed the Abraham was a Jew or a Christian as it shows that, unlike Abraham, it was they who were polytheists…There is an insinuation here concerning the Islamic nation (Umma) and an acknowledgment that the followers of Muhammad are more worthy of being affiliated with Abraham than the People of the Book because the believers sought the truth and believed in it. Conversely, the People of the Book sought worldly and material things in place of things heavenly and spiritual. They forsook the truth and went after their lusts and desires…After these repeated appeals to the People of the Book, and after all the brilliant arguments and proofs presented to vouch for the validity and truthfulness of this religion [Islam], and after all the reprimands and admonitions hurled at them for turning away from the truth and turning others from it as well, the Koran recounted some of the malicious paths that the Jews embarked upon to deceive and deal with Islam and Muslims with craftiness and cunningness.”


Al-Azhar University-trained American Professor of Islamic Studies, and History of Religions, Ismail al-Faruqi, applied this theology, directly, as the godfather of the contemporary “Abrahamic faith” model for interfaith dialogue. Entirely consistent with the reasoning—and dictates—of canonical Islam, the “Faruqi rules” for Abrahamic dialogue extolled Koran 3:67 and its historical implementation under Sharia-based Muslim rule, barred criticism of Islam, and excoriated imperialism, colonialism, and Zionism as Western perturbations of this perfect Islamic order.


“Islam’s theory of other faiths, backed by the experience of fourteen centuries still commands the loyalty and support of a billion Muslims around the world…If inter-religious dialogue is to move beyond the exchange of information and courtesies, it has to have a religious norm in terms of which it can compose the differences between the religions. This religious norm must be common to the dialoguing parties. Islam finds this norm in din al-fitrah (i.e., Islam, the primal religion common to humanity)…Islam’s suggestion [was] that the religious tradition is a human outgrowth from primal din al-fitrah. It was this [an] Islamic ideaAn Abrahamic unity of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam based on the Hanifi religion [see Koran 3:67] of Abraham, the din al-fitrah, is a real possibility. It did in fact exist in the Muslim world, until Western imperialism, colonialism, and Zionism came to subvert it. Their effort has been in vain. The Muslim will continue to believe in and work for this unity, confident that his God [i.e., Allah!] Whom he knows to be one as truth is one, and the moral law is one, cannot but desire one religion…[T]he Islamic stand toward other faiths, having brought all faiths under a single roof or din al-fitrah, satisfies the only condition for constructive dialogue and inter-relation…Compared with the histories of other religions, the history of Islam is categorically white as far as toleration of other religions is concernedNothing is farther from the truth and more inimical to Muslim-non-Muslim relations than the claim that Islam spread by the sword.”


Faruqi’s parameters for interfaith dialogue under the rubric of Abrahamism precludes discussion—let alone remedy—of Islam, and its Sharia, as the ideological source of rampant persecution of Christians, which is disproportionate in Muslim societies, reaching near genocidal levels in some. The ongoing acquiescence of Christian religious and diplomatic leaders to this ugly dynamic—now “updated” to include the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative—constitutes nothing less than an existential threat to Christian communities within Islamdom, and potentially, beyond those borders.


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