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Finland: Israeli embassy condemns MP Kontula’s actions: ‘Unacceptable’…….


She literally wanted/intended to cut a hole in the Gaza fence, if that’s not creating a breach of security than nothing is…


And no, contrary to what the “experts” the Ilta Sanomat interviewed said, the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza is in fact very legal and in accordance with UN regulations. It’s obvious that the IS is very selective of the “experts” it uses for any given story on Israel.

Israeli embassy condemns MP Kontula’s actions: ‘Unacceptable’

Anna Kontula, a left-wing MP, questions whether a demonstration against the blockade of Gaza broke the law.

An MP’s attempt to break Israeli law is unacceptable, the Israeli Embassy in Finland commented on an anti-Gaza protest by Anna Kontula (Left Alliance) in a statement sent to the Ilta-Sanomat.

– No attempt by any MP to break Israeli law is acceptable. We expect all visitors, especially elected representatives of friendly countries, to respect local law, the Embassy’s entire statement is heard.

However, according to Kontula herself, it is highly questionable whether she broke the law in an attempt to engage in an international activist protest. He tried an unauthorized intrusion into Gaza, but according to UN experts, the entire blockade of Gaza is contrary to international law.

Kontula was arrested by Israeli police on Monday while on her way to a rally. The purpose was to invade Gaza and protest there against the blockade that caused the humanitarian crisis. At the same time, she wanted to protest the Finnish arms trade with Israel.



Finnish Communist MP Tries To Put Sheen On Her Anti-Israel Activism, Tried To Enter Gaza Without Permission…….
Finnish MP Anna ‘Jihad’ Kontula (Communist) Aimed To Cut Fence With Gaza To Aid The Hamas…….

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