Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finland School children manipulation

Finland: Fourth Grade Religion Book Erroneously Depicts Jesus As a “Palestinian”…….


You can be assured, Leftist/Muslim influences were in on the decision-making process for this ahistorical nonsense becoming part of the 4th-grade curriculum…


Needless to say, it’s entirely ahistorical, but since we have Leftists in government and their like-minded ilk pretty much inundating Finnish society with the worst kinds of propaganda, this kind of crap is made possible…



The Roman Emporer ruled the world
2000 years ago a large part of the world was ruled by the Roman empire. Its borders extended from England all the way to Egypt. The Roman Emporer and his army ruled over all those living within Rome’s border. The Legions to care that peace reigned within the country. If someone dared to mount a rebellion, he would pay for it with his life. The Roman Empire had areas, which are told about in the New Testament. The most notable of these is Palestine and its capital Jerusalem.



Where did Christianity begin? In what conditions was it born? How has knowledge of Jesus been handed down to us? In this section, we get to know the time period of Jesus and his life at an early age. We jump back 2000 years and travel to Palestine, which was ruled by the Roman Emporer and his legions.


This is of course false. The name Palestine was given to the region of the Jewish kingdom (considered as a Roman Provence) only after the fall of the Jewish Temple, and long after Jesus’ time on earth, and definitely long after his childhood in Judea. This is a rewriting of history to suit an ideological narrative. I can’t say for sure if this nonsense was approved by the current communist Minister of Education, Li Andersson (Vas), since her time in office has been relatively short, but the Left has many of its own burrowed in the bureaucracy and I’m more than certain that she approves of it.


Many thanks to Veli-Pekka for bringing this to my attention.

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