Iran: Protestors demand prosecution of top leaders over downed Ukrainian jet…….


This ruins a lot of media narratives…


As I have stated on Twitter, the Iranian regime admitted its role in downing the Ukrainian passenger jetliner from domestic concerns, since the majority of the passengers were Iranian. Having video showing exactly what happened, a ground missile launched from the vicinity of the airport, there left very little doubt as to who was responsible.


Iran Protesters Demand Khamenei Quit, ‘Death To Liars’

Swarms of Iranian student activists at Amir-Kabir University in Tehran protested against the country’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Friday and Saturday over the regime’s downing of a Ukrainian commercial airliner according to various reports.


Of the 176 who perished in the plane crash as a result of the Islamic Republic’s actions, many of the fatalities were students and faculty of Iranian descent from the University of Alberta in Edmonton.


International Correspondent for the Independent, Borzou Daragahi posted a video on Twitter showing students confronting the IRGC and chanting, “Resignation is not enough. Prosecution is necessary.”


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