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Belgium: Muslim Enclave Molenbeek Rallies Behind Iran, Says “Entire World Will Avenge Soleimani”…….


Again, any immigrant group that refuses to behave like the host culture should be refused entry, and those within the country put on waivers, with all future conduct as the litmus test for their staying in the country…


“An Entire World Will Avenge You”: Pro-Soleimani rally in Molenbeek, Muslim area of Brussels


In Molenbeek, there are at least 51 jihad terror groups operating freely. Paris jihad murderer Salah Abdeslam was able to hide there for months without anyone reporting him. What do you think Molenbeek will be like in five years? Ten? Europe has welcomed and nurtured traitors in its midst, and those traitors will make Europe pay for its hospitality.



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