Finland Hussein Al-Taee Iran Iraq Islamic terrorism MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finnish SDP Iraqi MP Hussein al-Taee says Iraq should bring US before international court for killing Qassem Soleimani………


He bleats:

It is now time to measure the courage, wisdom, and cunningness of Iraqi MPs. If they really think about what is strategically good for Iraq, they will not force the Americans to withdraw. They’ll use international law against Americans…

He has a long thread on Twitter where he shows his disgust with US President Trump’s recent Tweet stating that he’ll target Iranian cultural treasures. That’s 52 targets for each US embassy hostage taken by the Iranian regime in 1979 during the former US President Jimmy Carter’s term. I really couldn’t care less what he has to say about Iraq-Iran dynamic, I have better sources for that, but it does show just how tight the Finnish political elite are right now that they give this punk the kid-glove treatment.


He’s an Islamonazi supporter.

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