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Germany: Leftist Indoctrination of Schoolkids, Turn Grandma Into Pig For Not Being “Climate Change” Woke…….


Many thanks to my pal Vlad and his translator Miss Piggy for bringing this to the light of day.


This is one of the more stark examples of Leftist indoctrination of schoolchildren with “climate change” propaganda. This is literally taken from the pages of the communist handbook in how to manipulate the youth into the political service of the state.



“But don’t worry ” they’ll tell you, they’ve gotten it right this time around.

Due to the amount of viewer outrage received, the programmer is now insisting that this was some kind of parody, but Vlad’s translator found the following from their own website highlighting this in a different manner:


On Saturday, 05 October 2019 the WDR Children’s Choir of Dortmund will sing at the closing event of “Plant for the Planet” in Königswinter Bonn.
At the same time the singers will be trained as ambassadors for climate justice by other children. “The topic of climate change is on everyone’s lips right now and with “Fridays for Future” it has also become a topic of the younger generation. In addition to the activities of Greta Thunberg, there are also many other very exciting and meaningful projects on the subject of climate, such as the organisation “Plant for the Planet”.
This organisation trains children in a one day academy to become “climate protectors” and plants trees with the children in cooperation with a forester. Many hundreds of thousands of trees have already been planted in this way.”
Within the framework of this project there will be a WDR report.


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