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Sweden: Report State Children as Young as One Wearing Islamic Veil in Swedish City Borås…….


In the Islamic 101 mindset: Sex objects…


Report: Children as Young as One Wearing Islamic Veil in Swedish City

A report has claimed that an area in the Swedish city of Borås has seen the rise of Islamisation due to the arrival of large numbers of Somalian migrants.


The report claims that the district of Norrby, identified as a “vulnerable area” — or no-go zone  — by Swedish police, has seen a process of Islamisation in recent years, with 37 per cent of its inhabitants having been born overseas and 20 per cent of them being from Somalia, Nyheter Idag reports.


Due to the high number of Somalians, the report claims that Somali clans have taken root in Norrby, with some using their “own legal order” and women often absent in public life, such as in the local Somali Association.


“Veil-wearing has already started to occur in pre-school already at the age of one,” the report states, and goes on to claim that so-called “Morality Police” attack women who refuse to wear a veil in the area.


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