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Not Bending the Knee to Neil: I’ve Done Over 118 Interviews, Why Should I Do 119……?


Why should he, what’s he to gain, if not more to lose…?


Ironically, Tommy Robinson, who was the subject in a recent conversation I had with Brian of London, did amazingly well in an interview with Andrew Neil.



‘It makes my blood boil!’: Boris Johnson reveals his fury at being preached at by Andrew Neil… and what he really thinks of those questions about trust in fiery encounter aboard his battle bus

  • Boris Johnson says ‘trust in politics has been corroded failure to get Brexit done’ 
  • He has done 118 interviews during the campaign and TV debates with Corbyn
  • Speaking on his campaign bus, he pledges to ‘dispel the fog of doubt’ in the UK
  • He called Sir Keir Starmer’s rejection of Corbyn’s Brexit a ‘parody’ and ‘farcical’


For Johnson, trust is a political currency, not a question of a personal moral code. ‘The issue is that trust in politics has been corroded by the failure the refusal of politicians of all parties to get Brexit done,’ he says.

Johnson is giving the Mail an exclusive interview at the back of his campaign bus which sports a livery in huge letters GET BREXIT DONE.


He makes the point that he has done 118 interviews during the campaign, as well as two TV debates with Jeremy Corbyn and two hour-long phone-ins – two more than the Labour leader. Why should he have to fit in No 119 with Neil?


Regardless, the criticism still grates.


At a press conference at the Kent County Showground yesterday, he mocked Neil, saying he also skipped a debate with his eccentric challenger Lord Buckethead who is standing against him in Uxbridge. ‘It’s not possible to fit everything in,’ he says with faux innocence.


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