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UK: Public Labour voters vowing not to vote for a Corbyn run party in upcoming elections due to his Jew-hatred…….



Public figures refuse to endorse Labour Party over antisemitism links

In an open letter, the figures said that concerns over antisemitism must take priority in voters’ minds.

A number of prominent British figures have declared that they will not vote for Labour in the upcoming general election due to the party’s links with antisemitism.
John Le Carré and Joanna Lumley were among those who, in an open letter to The Guardian, pledged to put Jewish concerns above wider issues such as Brexit.
“We listen to our Jewish friends and see how their pain has been relegated as an issue, pushed aside by arguments about Britain’s European future. For those who insist that Labour is the only alternative to Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit, now, it seems, is not the time for Jewish anxiety,” the signatories wrote.
Highlighting the formal investigation by the Equality and Human Rights Commission into institutional antisemitism within the Labour Party, and the departure of two Jewish MPs from the party, the signatories said that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “has a long record of embracing antisemites as comrades.”
The upcoming general election is widely viewed in Britain as a further referendum on Brexit, with all parties making their particular stance on Britain’s exit from the European Union central to their message to voters.

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