US Congressman Steve King (R) mentions plight of the Uighars in China, fails to mention victims of Islam…….


Steve King is one of the good guys, but there has to be criticism when one fails to mention the near-extinction of entire cultures and peoples due to Islamization…


The proper response: 

Really. “systematically scrubbed off the planet?” Isn’t that what happened to unbelievers in the Islamic world? How come that doesn’t bother you?


It’s not that I don’t care what Chi-Coms are doing to these people, but let us be honest here, these people (Uighars) belong to an ideology that has done exactly that to other cultures and civilizations for centuries. If the Uighars were running the show, you can bet your last ‘renminbi’ that they would be committing the same exact horrors as the Chi-Coms are doing presently.

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