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Benjamin Weinthal: U.S. Ambassador to ‘Post’: Tehran Mayor Should Be On US/EU Sanctions List…….


Iran’s regime publicly hanged a man based on anti-gay charges in January. Grenell, who is the most senior openly gay official in the Trump administration, is overseeing a campaign for the US administration to decriminalize homosexuality across the globe.


Mayor Pirouz Hanachi of Tehran will meet his counterpart Michael Müller in Berlin.

 SEPTEMBER 5, 2019 23:33

Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, one of America’s most high-profile diplomats, slammed Berlin’s municipal government and the Foreign Ministry for mainstreaming an Iranian mayor who should be sanctioned by the US and EU because of his terrorism activities.

“Rolling out the red carpet in Berlin for the IRGC affiliated mayor of Tehran, who calls for the destruction of Israel and supports pushing gays off tall buildings, is unjustifiable,” Grenell told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday. “A senior Berlin city official told me that the Foreign Ministry asked the city to host the terrorism-supporting mayor – so I am not sure whose idea it was to welcome the guy. But the IRGC affiliated mayor should be on the US and EU sanctions list, not on the City of Berlin’s VIP list,” he said.

Amid a rise in anti-Jewish violence in Berlin, mayor Michael Müller will meet with Tehran’s mayor Pirouz Hanachi, who has participated in a rally calling for Israel’s destruction, and was a member of the US-sanctioned Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Israel’s ambassador to Germany, Jeremey Issacharoff, said in a series of Tweets on Thursday, “I was dismayed when I heard that the Berlin Senate Chancellery is receiving the mayor of Tehran, Pirouz Hanachi, a former member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in Berlin, especially at a time when Iran continues to pursue a destabilizing and hostile policy towards Israel and various Arab states in the region, denying the Holocaust and violating the nuclear deal.
“This undermines the essential message that should be sent to Tehran, namely that Iranian policy is completely unacceptable and cannot be tolerated.”

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