Honor Violence Islam in the UK

UK: Two men wanted by Slovakian police arrested over plans to murder female relative apostate…….


Death for apostasy is Islam 101…


Pair arrested over ‘plot to kill female relative who renounced Islam’


Two men accused of plotting to kill a female relative who left Britain and renounced Islam have been arrested by armed law enforcers.


Mohammed Patman, 53, from Ilford, and Darya Khan Safi, 49, from Coventry, were detained by National Crime Agency (NCA) firearms officers at their homes in the capital and the West Midlands.

The pair, who are both originally from Afghanistan, are wanted by the authorities in Slovakia over allegations that they have been conspiring to murder a 25-year-old female relative working there.

The arrests follow months of surveillance of the two men by the NCA’s armed operations unit during which the pair were seen preparing for multiple trips to Austria, where the woman lived, and Slovakia, where she ran a company with her husband.

The preparations including blacking out the windows and putting winter tyres on a vehicle they used to drive to both countries for what law enforcers believe were surveillance trips conducted against their alleged intended victim.


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