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Finland: 2015 asylum seeker repeatedly kicked his pregnant Finnish wife in the stomach, says it was all just a misunderstanding……..


If the Finn had been smart, she would never have given the Muslim the time of day…


This is a classic example of venturing into something in a very naive (blue-eyed) way. Not understanding the 7th century-minded culture that she was getting into, let alone his miserable understanding of Finnish, this woman was clueless of what could, probably will, actually did, happen. If she had been reading websites, like mine, she would have known what to possibly expect. Restricting a woman’s life, who she can see, be with, what she can do in general is a common feature with Muslim men from Muslim countries. These are the facts.


A dispute about a friend led to senseless act: Man kicked his pregnant wife in the stomach – ” I tried to raise my legs and arms in front of my stomach for protection”


The couple’s marriage lasted a couple of weeks and ended in an assault.

On Wednesday, the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal heard both sides in a dispute between a Tornio couple. The man has been sentenced in Kemi-Tornio District Court to 10 months suspended sentence for two counts of assault and aggravated unlawful abortion.


The wife who reported the events of September 2017 burst into tears during the hearing. According to her, the dispute had already started the day before. It was due to his wife’s friendship and carrying moving boxes.


– He said he didn’t want to live with me in Tornio, he didn’t want marriage or a child. He wanted to come to the doctor with me to tell me that the child had to be aborted. He also said that he knew how to take the child out, the woman recounted the events.


According to the woman, the man was very attentive to the pregnancy news and was happy to become a father. The assault occurred when the wife was 21 weeks pregnant. After the events, the baby’s condition was confirmed by ultrasound.


– However, I was unsure how the baby could be, although everything seemed to be fine with the ultrasound. It was tough until the baby was born, she told the court of appeal.


The assault and kicking took place in the couple’s new apartment they were about to move into. The verbal confrontation turned into a physical assault, with the man kicking his pregnant wife several times in the stomach.


– I tried to protect my stomach, holding my hands in front of my stomach. I tried to raise my legs to prevent the kick and tried to kick back, but the man grabbed her legs. I tried to raise my legs and arms in front of my stomach for protection, the woman was told.


The convicted man considers that the judgment of the Kemi-Tornio District Court should be set aside and all charges against him dismissed. According to the man’s lawyer Antti Hyvönen, the situation did not threaten the miscarriage of the child but was a misunderstanding due to his poor language skills.


– The man’s language skills were very poor at the time. He did not say the alleged threat. The possibility of misunderstanding has been great, Hyvönen said.


The couple had been together for over a year. They had been married a couple of weeks earlier. According to his wife, he understood Finnish poorly. An interpreter was used for communication. The man came to Finland as an asylum seeker in 2015.


At the hearing, the 28-year-old said that he was angry with his wife who, despite the agreement, did not break up with her friend.


– I came from Rovaniemi to Tornio and noticed that my wife’s friend was at home on the balcony. I told my wife directly that she was a liar. He should not maintain a friendship with a friend who should leave our lives. There was no fighting, just a disagreement about having a friend there, he explained through an Arabic interpreter.


A neighbor following the events in the stairway told the Court of Appeal over the phone that he was shocked by the events. She heard the woman’s cries for help in her apartment and went to see what happened behind the door.


– Terrible situation. As a mother, grandmother and great-grandmother it was such a terrible shock to hear someone try to kill an unborn child. The cry was horrible, a neighbor told the court.


The woman’s friend at the scene could not tell what the couple was arguing about and how seriously the man had mistreated his wife. At the end of the events, he also got his share of the man’s kicks.


– He kicked me in the stomach and said ‘Then you’, the friend said.


The Court of Appeal will give its verdict on the case in late September.



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