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Trump to Europe: You’re getting your ISIS jihadis back, one way or another……!


Europe needs a GITMO…

Trump to Europe: You’re getting your ISIS jihadis back, one way or another

Ed. – These are European nationals (most of them originally of Middle Eastern or South Asian origin) who have gone to fight with ISIS in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan – and been captured by the U.S.-led coalition in each place.]


Donald Trump says he’ll air drop ISIS fighters into Europe, with no restrictions on the radicals’ movements, if the countries they were living in before they were caught on the battlefield refuse to take them into custody.
He told journalists before he left the White House on Wednesday afternoon: ‘If Europe doesn’t take them, then I have no choice but to release them into the countries from which they came, which is Germany, and France, and other places.’ …
‘Certain countries in Europe, they’ve got to take them back. Because we don’t want to hold them,’ he stated. ‘They’d rather have us hold them, and let us have them for 50 years. We don’t want them. They should take them. Do we agree? They should take them?’ …
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The White House and State Department have been pressuring governments in Europe to take back thousands of jihadis and their brides captured when ISIS collapsed – and having no success – for nearly two years, a source with knowledge of the conversations told last week.

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