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Denmark’s Snaphanen on US-Greenland debate: “It is not the United States that has a problem. It is Denmark”…….


I’ve taken the liberty to republish in English Snaphanen’s Danish text about the recent brouhaha between both heads of state. Snaphanen has had his finger on the political pulse there for many years. I can think of no better source to turn to on a story like this.


Trump is absolutely right: You just don’t talk to the United States like that

LAST UPDATE: 23 / 8-19. 0500

By: Hans Rustad

It is not the United States that has a problem. It is Denmark that does not understand what is going on and is unable to recognize its place in the world.


Mette Frederiksen has been “groomed” by the anti-Trump media for several years. She has not had the opportunity to acquire knowledge. She did not understand that reality is anything other than the one described by Berlingske and Jyllands-Posten.


I have seen what Poul Høj and now Christian Bjerre write in the Berlinger. It’s pure lie. But these are well-paid lies.


It costs to defend Trump. One must take the trouble of reading Fox News and listening to Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and also Lou Dobbs, Judge Jeanine, Jesse Waters. Journalist Left Party has created the impression that they are “the only show in town”. But now they fall victim to their own propaganda. They are becoming idiots.


Obama has faced the biggest political scandal in recent American history. Danish media have not bothered to follow the revelations. From the first moment, they chose the coup makers.


So has Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. Theresa May. But these people are also losing, not because of Trump, but because of the policies they have pursued.


Trump has bet on America First. It has created a new optimistic mood. Mette Frederiksen does not recognize success when she sees it.


She falls for the closeness Danish media and officials have indoctrinated with: She thinks she should be offended at Trump. That he has said something wrong. But Trump has just picked up the proposal from other presidents.


Trump said: Why should she absolutely say it was “absurd”, why couldn’t she just say: We’re not interested.


But Mette F. should play the guardian of the nation and show that she has the backbone.


But the same prime minister cannot stand up to Denmark vis-à-vis the EU: She swiftly accepts a judgment that will give Denmark 8,000 non-Western family reunions, because the EU court says so. There will never be squeak, only an obedient “yes”. Not to say “Jawohl”.


It’s too stupid. Does Mette F. really believe in the stupid propaganda about Trump’s incompetence? Does she think the financial results have come by themselves? Does she think a weak president would dare to challenge China?


It seems that Danish politicians do not understand what is going on. It is not Merkel who wins. It’s not Obama’s wing ready to make a comeback. Trump is not just a bump in the road that we can soon leave behind. As Steve Bannon says: Trump is going to be there for many years. He’s going to leave lasting traces.


If Danish politicians were willing to take lessons, there would be hope. But they instead choose to project their disgust onto Trump. Even they relinquish Denmark bite by bite, every single day.



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