Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS Police Wimps Political Correctness

Finland: Lots of children of Muslim migrants shipped home for FGM and forced marriages, Chief of police compares most to Finnish children to their grandma’s house……


Also, Finland’s Interior Minister is smoking crack with this humdinger: 

– Thus, diasporas are often more strict and more conservative in maintaining old habits than families still living in the old homeland. It would be important for Finland not to have shadow communities operating under its own rules, but for everyone to participate in society.

These Muslim communities in Finland/the West are de facto operating like they were back in their home countries. There isn’t any difference, they’re all stuck in the Islamo 7th century.


The harsh phenomenon is also true in Finland: children are mysteriously lost, some never come back

The loss of children and young people in the middle of the school year is a difficult one for the authorities.
One day, a student doesn’t appear at school. Nothing is said about her the next day. And the next. Classmates wonder. 

The end result is that this student may never be seen again. 

The phenomenon is also familiar in Finland. 

Children and adolescents with an immigrant background will disappear to some extent during school, authorities say to Ilta-Sanomat. The phenomenon is known at least by the police in Helsinki and Turku, who were asked by IS as well as in the ministry.


Jari Taponen, the senior commissioner of the Helsinki Police, says that a small percentage of the disappearances are “the most unfortunate cases”, ie forced marriages and circumcisions of teenage girls. It is estimated that there are thousands of women circumcised in their former home country, but the official figure is unknown.

According to Taponen, the most common causes of disappearances are “common causes”.


– Most of the children are sent to their parents’ country of birth so they know about their own culture. It’s a little like the Finns sending their children for a summer vacation to their “grandma’s,” he compares.



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