Finland Islamic terrorism

Demo in Turku Finland mark anniversary ends peacefully, however anti-Islamization activist Junes Lokka arrested on made up charges…….


The point not addressed here is that there was no official remembrance of these two victims (and those wounded) of Islamic jihad by the city council of Turku…


Here’s the arrest of Junes Lokka for simply standing around filming a bunch of radical Leftist lunatics are disturbed by his presence. Go to the 18 min mark, it’s in Finnish but you can see his arrest and full compliance, he behaves like that always. There was no cause for his arrest whatsoever.



Demonstrations marking Turku terrorist attack pass off peacefully

Far-right and anti-Nazi demonstrators marched in Turku on Sunday.


A demonstration by far-right nationalists and a counter-demonstration by an anti-Nazi group marking the two-year anniversary of the Turku knife attack passed off peacefully in the southwestern city on Sunday. Police did not take any demonstrators into custody — in contrast to last year’s event when officials apprehended 11 protesters.


Two years ago, on 18 August 2017, Abderrahman Bouanane, a rejected asylum seeker from Morocco, stabbed ten people in Turku’s market square, killing two victims. He is serving a life sentence for the crimes.


Some 250 people marched in the far-right Nationalists’ Alliance procession, dubbed the “188 Flower Stream”, while twice as many participants joined the “Turku Without Nazis” counter-demonstration.


Story continues after photos.

Kukkavirta 188 -kulkue
Image: Andy Ödman / Yle 

Following the “188 Flower Stream’s” moment of silence, Finns Party MP Vilhelm Junnilaemerged to give a speech calling for the city of Turku to commemorate the victims of the attack by illuminating the Kirjastosilta bridge in Finnish flag colours every August 18th.


The “Turku Without Nazis” counter-demonstration rallied against the nationalists’ presence, saying the far-right group was using the anniversary of the attack to promote its own agenda.


Story continues after photos.

Turku ilman natseja -mielenilmaus
Image: Paula Collin / Yle
Turku ilman natseja -mielenilmaus
Image: Paula Collin / Yle

Amid fears of violence, the South-west Finland Police Department monitored the marches by car, motorcycle, boat as well as on foot.


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