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Delingpole: This Tommy Robinson Verdict Is a Travesty of Justice…….


A crime against humanity…


Delingpole: This Tommy Robinson Verdict Is a Travesty of Justice


Tommy Robinson has yet again been found guilty of contempt of court and now faces up to two years in prison.


Islamists, the mainstream media, and the left-liberal establishment will be delighted to see the man they like to call “Stephen Yaxley-Lennon” crushed, humiliated and put in his proper place.


But the feeling among many ordinary people will be that justice has not been done. The judges at the Old Bailey may have concluded today that Robinson was technically guilty of contempt of court when he livestreamed outside the Leeds trial of a Pakistani rape gang. As far as his many supporters will be concerned, though, Robinson is really being punished for being a member of the white working class who had the temerity to draw attention to a national scandal — Muslim grooming gangs — which the Establishment has long sought to play down.


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