Boneheaded research institute Soufa wants Europe to repatriate ISIS Islamonazis in Syria, it’s a “human rights issue” they say…….


Enough with these “think tank/research centers” who issue one report after the other filled with highly stupid suggestions that the average man or woman would reject out of hand…


Here’s a suggestion. Place these morons in the camps of these Islamonazis and see how they fare in convincing them to give up their jihad.


Research Institute: European countries should repatriate their citizens from the Middle East who joined ISIS


According to Soufa, avoidance of responsibility only feeds the cycle of radicalization and extremism.
Soufan, a research institute specializing in international security threats, estimates that European countries should seek out the citizens of the Israeli extremist organizations from the Middle East, as this would best combat terrorism. 

For example, in Syria, al-Holi camp has dozens of Finnish “Isis women” and their children, whose situation has been a heated debate in Finland. The UN Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has pointed out that people cannot be held forever in such circumstances. 

Iraq has pledged to hold trials for guest detainees in Syria, but France and many other European countries have condemned the death sentences imposed by Iraq. On the other hand, these countries have been reluctant to take back their own citizens. 

Soufan’s analysis the fact that European countries are avoiding taking back their citizens who have traveled to Iraq and Syria only feeds on the cycle of radicalization and extremism.

– The continuing reluctance of Europe to reclaim and organize fair trials for its citizens contradicts European human rights values;

More here in Finnish at IS

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