Tommy Robinson UK

UK: The political persecution of Tommy Robinson ends in unjust court conviction for repeating already published news accounts outside courthouse……..


Reality is flipped on its ear, the ruling elite twists common sense and law in order to politically persecute and prosecute Tommy Robinson. Disgusting as hell, an outrage…

By convicting Tommy Robinson for citizen journalism and of asking rapists, literally, “how do you feel about your verdict today”, the UK cannot be called free. It can be called partly free. And that’s good enough for those on the inside. The forgotten people? They don’t count. Ezra Levant

Convicted for giving anxiety to convicted pedophiles.



Bizzare times in Judicial Britain, Tommy Robinson found GUILTY of contempt of court by Dame Victoria Sharp and Mr Justice Warby after two days of deliberations.


The British public have been left scratching heads in disbelief. Freedom Of Speech died today; it died in the courts of a once Great Britain, the mother country of the Free West.



Tommy Found GUILTY

The ruling – Tommy breached a reporting restriction by live-streaming from outside the public entrance to the court and by “aggressively confronting and filming” now convicted MUSLIM CHILD RAPISTS.


The Judges also ruled that the content of Tommy’s live stream:

“gave rise to a substantial risk that the course of justice, in that case, would be seriously impeded”.

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