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Europe: 660,000 Migrants Waiting to Get to Europe from Libya…….


The flood will continue unless serious measures are put in place…


660,000 Migrants Waiting to Get to Europe from Libya


While the number of migrants entering Europe has declined, reports claim that as many as 660,000 individuals still remain in Libya looking for a way into Europe.


Since the start of the year, fewer people have managed to cross the Mediterranean from Libya to Europe and the number of drownings has declined, but Libya still remains a major departure point for African migrants, broadcaster Franceinfo reports.


Earlier this week, the bombing of a detention centre in the suburbs of Tripoli, which killed 44 migrants, put even more strain on the situation in the North African nation. Condemned as a “war crime” by the United Nations envoy for Libya, Ghassan Salamé, the attack sparked international outrage.

The Libyan National Unity Government blamed the attack on the insurgent forces of General Khalifa Haftar, who admit to targetting the area but deny involvement in the attack on the migrant centre which housed 600 migrants.


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