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Anna Slatz: Progressivist “blue check” journalists celebrate the assault of Andy Ngo…….


Beyond the pale violence by the Left’s own black shirts, the international terrorist entity of Antifa…


Progressivist “blue check” journalists celebrate the assault of Andy Ngo

I was on my way home from the grocery store when my editor gave me the news—my friend, Andy Ngo, had been attacked while photographing and filming the Antifa riot in Portland, Oregon.


As a hopeless and heartbroken friend 2,000 miles away, I took to social media to do and learn whatever I could. I shared links, retweeted articles, and (painstakingly) watched the videos. But it inevitably all led down one path, that of conflict. While I knew insanity was the trademark of Twitter, I could not believe how many people genuinely enjoyed seeing my friend in pain. That they could watch the videos, clear evidence he had done no wrong, and come to the conclusion he was the aggressor, was mindboggling to me. That they could see him trying to get away and being beaten and having things thrown at him while his back was turned, and still believe him culpable for his abuse, was disgusting. But it was not simply that they believed he was physically at fault, but ideologically so.


He was a thought criminal. He was a fascist, whatever that meant. He worked for Quillette(queue the lightning and witch cackles). In effect, he didn’t report the right kind of things for the right kind of outlet. For this, he deserved to be assaulted according to some in our collective moral intelligentsia.

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