EU Euro-dhimmis

VOE: “Next EU agenda must address migration, sovereignty and christianity”…


It might be a case of “Too little too late”…


“Next EU agenda must address migration, sovereignty and christianity”


The European Union’s strategic agenda for the next five years should address national competencies concerning the issue of migration, respect for sovereignty and the protection of Christian culture, said the Hungarian state secretary for international communications and relations.


In last month’s European Parliament election, Hungarians entrusted the ruling alliance with three objectives: to stop illegal immigration, to protect national sovereignty and to protect Christian culture in Europe, Zoltan Kovacs told a press conference.


In line with this mandate, the text of the bloc’s next strategic agenda must include a clause declaring that the EU should ensure the preservation of national competencies when it comes to managing migration, Kovacs said. Hungary’s proposal aims to stop illegal migration, he said, adding that to do so, the EU would have to work together with its neighbouring countries.


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