Claim: The Hitler Nazi Regime’s Ultimate Goal was “The EU”…….


All I can say about this is that it’s very compelling…


It would be interesting to read an opposing view, the attempts made at refuting the obvious that stares us in the face day in and day out. Statism is the norm in Europe, any enlightenment notions by politicians are mostly lip service, they really don’t mean it, or understand it, or just plain reject it. Forget about individual sovereignty, the ruling class doesn’t even believe in state sovereignty either.


Boris Says Hitler’s Nazi Regime Ultimate Goal was ‘THE EU’ | Read Why He’s Scarily Accurate.

Boris Johnson is being accused of extremely exaggerating the comparison between the EU and the German Nazi’s plan for a union of Europe.


The pro-Brexit former Mayor has stated that both Hitler and Napoleon failed at unifying Europe and that the EU was “an attempt to do this by different methods”, namely without weapons this time!


Donald Tusk, the European Union Council President, said that the former Mayor of London “had crossed all boundaries” by making the comparison.


Lord Heseltine a Pro-Remain campaigner labelled Mr Johnson’s comments “preposterous” & “obscene”.


However, Johnson appears to be completely correct!


The European Union is 100% documented by previous texts of what the Nazi regime envisaged for the continent of Europe after World War 2.


The European Community, a 1940 book by Nazi Economics Minister and war criminal Walther Funk wrote about the needs of creating a “Centralized European Union” and “European Economic Area’s” he argued, “There must be a readiness to subordinate one’s own interests in certain cases to those of [the EC].”


Nazi academic Heinrich Hunke wrote, “Classic national economy is dead…community of fate which is the European economy…fate and extent of European co-operation depends on a new unity economic plan”.


Fellow Nazi Gustav Koenig observed, “We have a real European Community task before us…I am convinced that this Community effort will last beyond the end of the war.”


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