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Vox’s Gay hurt brigade gets YouTube to demonitize Crowder, still trying to get him banned…….


If this is allowed to stand, if there’s no push back whatsoever, these totalitarians will win…


YouTube Caves, Penalizes Steven Crowder.

Vox Media’s efforts to deplatform Steven Crowder prompt YouTube to censor even more creators caught in the crossfire over offensive speech.

Vox’s campaign to deplatform comedian Steven Crowder from YouTube has snowballed into an avalanche of censorship against other creators caught in the crossfire in the war against offensive speech. Critics are calling it the #VoxAdpocalypse. YouTube’s actions in response to complaints caused confusion amongst both Crowder’s detractors and supporters.


Earlier this week, the left-leaning publication Vox went to great lengths to get YouTube to deplatform Crowder. This follows two years of Crowder’s responding to Carlos Maza, a journalist and video producer at the diminutive media group.


In a series of videos over two-years, Crowder took aim at Maza’s leftist arguments with rebuttals sometimes interspersed with comedic remarks about Maza’s personality and sexual orientation.


Maza, who goes by @gaywonk on Twitter, took umbrage with the criticism. He distilled Crowder’s remarks down into a 90-second video clip showcasing words he found hurtful, leaving out context in order to convince YouTube to ban the right-leaning comic.


Crowder said Maza was “being given a free pass as a crappy writer because [he’s] gay,” calling him a “lispy, angry sprite.”


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