Finland: 22 y/o Muslim asylum seeker jailed for 3 years for aggravated sexual abuse of 13 y/o girl…….


The latest criminal conviction of a Muslim migrant rapist who was allowed into the country by the last Finnish government…


Three year prison sentence in third of Oulu child sex abuse cases

The victim in this case was 13 years old, while the male perpetrator was around 22.


Oulu District Court sentenced a man on Wednesday to three years in prison for charges of aggravated sexual abuse of a child and luring a child for sexual purposes.


The defendant, Osman Humad, was 22 to 23-years-old at the time of the crimes, which took place on a number of occasions between June to October 2018, while the female victim was 13.


The perpetrator first made contact with the girl via Facebook, after which the two communicated on messaging apps Messenger and Snapchat.


The court said it considered the abuse charge to be aggravated because of the major age difference between the defendant and the victim.


Humad denied throughout his case that he had committed a crime.


Third of eight cases

Wednesday’s verdict and sentencing marked the third of several cases of suspected child sex abuse in Oulu, in which eight men “of foreign background” stand – or stood – accused. Two of those defendants have already been convicted and sentenced.


Special prosecutor Pia Mäenpää said she was satisfied with Wednesday’s sentencing, saying that the court met the demands of the prosecution.


The victim’s lawyer Jani Vuoti said the conviction and sentencing was in line with the previous cases.


“The rulings were well-grounded and thorough,” Vuoti said, adding that he would not comment in any way on his client’s current situation.






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