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The Unmasking of Samantha Power…….


She’s just one cog in the criminal enterprise of the Obama administration…


Ms. Power is the only one of those three whose job had no clear intelligence-related function. The plot got even thicker when the committee asked for the same unmasking records for Ben Rhodes. He was the hyper-political Obama Deputy National Security Adviser who last year gleefully boasted to the New York Times how he’d manipulated reporters to sell Mr. Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.


Unmasking Samantha Power

We still don’t know why Obama officials needed to know the names of so many Trump officials.

By The Editorial Board


Of all the Russia storms raging around Donald Trump—the Christopher Steele dossier, the email to Don Jr. promising dirt on Hillary Clinton—there is still only one clear felony we know about: the leaking of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn’s name after someone had identified him from a classified intelligence report. Funny how this is a scandal no one seems interested in.


Well, almost no one. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes, recently sent a letter to the Director of National Intelligence with some startling information. The committee has learned that “one official, whose position had no apparent intelligence-related function, made hundreds of unmasking requests during the final year of the Obama administration.”


Unmasking is simply an official requesting the identity of an American whose name has been redacted from an intelligence report. There is nothing inherently wrong with unmasking, and law enforcement, intelligence operatives and policy makers can have a legitimate need to know who these Americans are.


But protecting the privacy rights of American citizens as well as not revealing which foreigners U.S. intelligence is targeting is also crucial, which is why U.S. government officials are supposed to give good and specific reason for seeking the identity of a redacted American. Yet in all but one of the requests for names from top-level Obama officials, Mr. Nunes writes, the language was “boilerplate” and did not specify why the official needed to know the names.

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