#Fakenews YLE

Finnish state propaganda YLE spews US Democrat talking points against Trump, no facts made available…….


It’s nothing but mind-numbing nonsense…



In the United States, Congress may, with new law, have access to at least part of President Donald Trumpet’s tax information even without his consent.
Trump home state of New York has adopted a law that allows tax information to be provided to Congress if there is a defined and valid legitimate purpose for the surrender. The approval of the state governor Andrew Cuomo is still required for it to enter into force. Cuomo is a Democrat and well-known trumpet critic, so he is expected to sign the law.
Unlike the other presidents and presidential candidates of recent decades, Donald Trump has refused to have his tax data published. Even before the end of the 2016 presidential election, Trump has relied on the fact that the IRS has verified his tax data and cannot be published.


Nowhere to be seen in the piece is the fact that Congress does not have the right to see private income tax records or banking information of the President, at all. Congress does not have the right to go on a fishing expedition to see if any irregularities exist. Without a single scintilla of evidence of a crime having been committed, and there is none, they can’t force a president to go against his own sworn oath to the presidency. This is nothing but a display of disgusting politics.


Congress is interested in tax information because it examines Trump for possible tax evasion and business transactions. Democrats are the majority in Congress, and it has given them the power to initiate several investigations into presidential actions.
In the past, the Congress committee called on Trump for the last few years of his tax records for its investigation. After the procrastinations, Mnuchin announced that the authorities could not disclose the information, because he claimed that he had a legitimate justification.


A more factual understanding of the situation, for which YLE’s Markus Heikkilä is clearly not up to the task, would let the reader know that the Democrats have been accused of using their time, and their myriad of subpoenas to simply take this president down. That their actions have no basis in the constitution, and that their spokespersons leading the charge, sound like blithering idiots. If not for a dishonest media in the US as well, they would have been called out for it. Perhaps Heikkilä can be forgiven to some degree for being lead by the nose, but then again, he has the internet at his disposal, he’s free to source whatever site he chooses, and he’s chosen his.


It’s entirely irrelevant what past presidents have done, none have faced the hostility this president has faced from the Democrats, the media and members of his own party. This is not a situation of someone “claiming” this or that, but of fact. The President cannot be forced to disclose his private records, any more than Obama could have been forced to disclose his college records. That was and still is private information. This is fact.


The New York Times reported in the early part of this month that Trump’s tax information would reveal that he lost 1.17 billion over a decade. The magazine had received the trumpet tax data from the years 1985 to 1994.


This is amazing. Trump’s loss of 1.7 billion dollars was a well-known fact, something he wrote a book and marketed as proof that failure can be used as a stepping stone to eventual greatness.  This is not news. The fact that Heikkilä uses this as a means to cast a shadow on Trump, that he’s hiding something else, that the US Democrat run lower house might be on to something, is stupid.


This is the mighty new service we are forced to fork over our hard earned cash for. Pathetic.

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