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Finland: Afghani woman speaks of honor violence in Muslim communities in Finland…….


Tip of the iceberg…


Reminds me of what SDP politician and former CMI advisor, Hussein al-Taee is said to have done. What’s amazing to me is that this is well known by all of us who follow these issues. This is nothing new, this is what we’ve been saying for well over a decade.



Eva, 29, terrible story about Finland: Abandoned the veil, extreme honor violence began immediately


A 20-year-old Afghan-based woman living in Finland believed that suicide would be the only way to get rid of the mental hell caused by honor violence and forced marriage in the near future. Experts suspect that murders have already been committed in Finland in the name of honor violence.


EVA TAWASOLI had been afraid for years. When Tawasoli, a female Afghan woman living in Finland at the time, had not found an escape that she needed, she had decided to jump. Down the bridge, eyes closed.


“It was certainly a miracle that I did not die,” Tawasoli tells ‘IS’ in an interview now, barely ten years later.


“After the event, I had some time to realize, and then, for a long time in rehabilitation, I was fully happy with my former self.


HONOR VIOLENCE has risen in recent times, as the police reported an attempted double murder in Helsinki in northern Haaga as an honour violence referring to the company’s motive. The Iraqi man still on the road is suspected of stabbing his former wife and her friend that was life-threatening.


– Honorary violence is a silenced truth in Finland. It occurs much more than you dare to talk aloud. Fear traps both the victims and the government, Tawasoli, 29, says.


– When we do not talk about such a serious violation of human rights related to culture, the threat of murder permanently remains in the country.


The deputy mayor of HELSINKI, Nasima Razmyar, recently said to ‘IS’, that “the emergence of the parallel realities in the capital region, such as the Haaga stabbing incident, must be taken seriously”.


Parallel-Reality, Razmyar, the communities, factions, relatives and sects of the immigrant population, which accept honour violence, and where women are, in particular, controlled and condemned on the basis of conservative religious norms.


Physical violence was intense, for example, I was grabbed by the hair and kicked to the ground.


Honor violence is different from the frequent jealousy that exists within the population of Finland. Honor violence is in the family or in the circle of families, and a close relative also often helps and supports the actual perpetrators of the honor violence. For example, a woman’s premarital relationship, a nightclub visit, a violation of dress codes, infidelity, a petition for divorce, or homosexuality is known as the motives of the violent violence.


– There are great cultural differences. When a Finnish man hits a woman, he is not patted on the back. Instead, when a man in our culture is beating his women in the name of the honor of violence, the whole family community praises the beating. Honor violence often even enhances the male position in the community, Tawasoli says.


More in Finnish at: IS

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