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US enforces sanctions on N.Korea, seizes ship……..


The US is not being run by a weak-in-the-knees boob…


In unprecedented move, US seizes North Korean ship

The announcement comes on the heels of the report that North Korea fired multiple ballistic missiles into the ocean.


The United State Justice Department announced on Thursday that it seized a North Korean cargo ship which violated international sanctions. The announcement came on the heels of the report that North Korea had fired multiple ballistic missiles into the ocean earlier on Thursday, its second weapons launch in a week, although US officials claim that the seizing of the ship was not related.


This marks the first time that the US has seized a North Korean ship for violating international sanctions and could lead to an escalation of conflict between the two countries


US Justice Department officials claim that the Wise Honest, the second largest North Korean ship, was used to export coal in violation of international sanctions to China, Russia, and other countries It also said that the ship carried heavy machinery on return trips which could be used in the country’s nuclear programs.


The ship is now being moved to US territory by the US Coast Guard and marshals. “This sanctions-busting ship is now out of service,” said US Assistant Attorney General John Demers.


The UN Security Council passed a resolution in 2017 which banned North Korea from exporting coal.


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