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Finland: SDP’s newly-minted Iraqi MP who is center of controversy for disparaging anti-Jew remarks, claims sinus infection keeping him from commenting……..


Uh…eh…you have no problem speaking with a sinus infection…


This is former Finnish president, Martti Ahtisaari’s, trusted advisor on Iraq, Israel, and the Middle East at Crisis Management Initiative (CMI). I wonder how big of a role he had in arranging CMI’s brokering a meeting between Hamas and Fatah leaders in Switzerland last year? Al-Taee is the son of the former Shiite governor of Najjaf Iraq.



Sdp’s al-Taee refused to answer these questions- justified his silence due to suínus infection


Hussein al-Taee did not want to comment on his old (TT: FaceBook) writings at the opening ceremony on Thursday.
Harri Saukkomaa, an expert in crisis communication, believes that Hussein al-Taee has dug himself into a pit with his comments.
THE new SDP MP Hussein al-Taee has been in the midst of the wrath because of his old writings.

This week, al-Taee has been trying to silence the matter.

At Thursday’s opening ceremony, al-Taee justified his silence to IS, for example, that he was recovering from a sinus infection.

Al-Taee was not on sick leave on Thursday, but attended both the opening ceremony of the parliament and the evening event, the opening ceremony of the Parliament at the Music Center.

There was a new turning point in the matter when al-Taee admitted to the Helsingin Sanomat that he could have written the comments shown to him about the Jews, Kurds, Sunnis, and Gays.

Harri Saukkomaa, Chairman of the Board of Tekir, known as an expert in crisis communication, assesses to IS that “the most sensitive area in Finland is when homosexuals are being beaten”.

– No group of people should be written in a way that is deliberately hostile. The debate in the Middle East is different, but we are in Finland.

AL-TAEE’S writings were originally raised in the blog by Kurdish civil activist Anter Yasa , who said he had received “dozens of screenshots and writings that unfortunately do not correlate with the image of al-Tae in the media.

The material presented in Yasa’s blog includes a screen shot from May 26, 2011, where al-Taee allegedly commented on a news story about Sauli Koskinen , known from the real TV shows, in a homophobic style.


Based on a screenshot of Yasa’s blog, al-Taee allegedly spread the known conspiracy theory of Jews on 30 July 2012 on Facebook.


In addition, al-Taee wrote the founder of Facebook, according to Yasa In connection with Mark Zuckerberg’s news on March 21, 2012: “ Jew doing what a Jew does best. Fucks up everybody to gain everything. 


So in English: The Jew does what the Jew is best at. Uses everyone to get everything.


It is not known whether HS al-Tae just showed the above messages, but they will be reported on the Yasa blog as screenshots of the al-Taee Facebook account.


IS asked al-Tael whether he would recognize Zuckerberg’s messages referring to conspiracy theory and his conscience, and whether he had previously felt anger against the Jews or the state of Israel.


Al-Taee did not answer the questions and also ignored the more general question of whether he was concerned about the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe.


WHEN STT first asked about the authenticity of screen shots from Al-Taeel in November, al-Taee called it a “black-balling attempt”.


Al-Taee has given us the impression that screenshots can be counterfeit, and has also stated that he is unable to retrospectively remember all his old Facebook updates.


In addition, al-Taee has said that he “removed a number of more informal or private updates on social media” when he moved to work for CMI.


Al-Taee served as a conflict resolution expert before President Martti Ahtisaar CMI. In the media, al-Taee has previously been proficient as an Israeli and Terrorist expert.


On October 28, 2014, Al-Taee wrote on Facebook – that is, already in the service of CMI – that he “does not see a big difference between the State of Israel and Isis”. This comment has been recognized by al-Taee and has been apologized.


ON TUESDAY, al-Taee, 35, spoke to IS about the “joy of youth” and said that “there is a lot of past statements that he no longer recognizes”.


Al-Taee is a Shi’ite with a background and his family came from Iraq to Finland in 1993 when al-Taee was 10 years old.


IS told the story of the family in 2006: it was reported that al-Taee is one of Najaf’s most prestigious shi. Al-Taes’s father Asaad al-Taee, who at that time served as governor of Najaf, thanked Finland for helping the family when the family was in trouble during Saddam Hussein .


Hussein al-Taee acted as project manager for Iraq at CMI: CMI has been working in Iraq to support a reconciliation strategy led by the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office.


AL-TAEEN parliamentary assistant Matti Sadeniemi announced on Friday that IS that al-Taee refuses for now interviews.


Neither did CMI want to comment on the discussion around al-Tae.


CMI Communications and Fundraising Director Elina Lehtinen has said earlier that al-Taee still enjoys the organisation’s confidence as a conflict resolution expert.


Antti Lindtman, chairman of the Sdp Parliamentary Group, said on Tuesday that the matter was closed on behalf of the group when al-Taee resigned from his old writings and apologized to the group.


Saukkomaa believes that the worst situation for al-Taes is if “a piece of the piece comes from different evidences”.


– Then the thing will continue for a long time and will gradually break his reputation. His interests would be to come out and answer any possible questions and if he can’t answer something, he would tell him how to find out.


According to Saukmaa, al-Tae’s comment has been exceptionally unclear.


– Each of us roughly knows what he has written and what is not. He has made a very normal mistake in the sense that the story is changing all the time, so he himself has dug himself with his comments.


IS asked these things from al-Tael


  • Do you recognize the conspiracy theory post that points to the Zuckerberg affair? If so, have you ever felt anger against Jews and / or Israel? If your thinking has changed, what do you think about Judaism and Israel now? Are you concerned about the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe?
  • You have told us that your contact network is now available for Finns. What kind of connections do you have with the Iraqi authorities?
  • You have been a CMI project manager for Iraq. What kind of results did this project produce?
  • You have denied that you have written the views of the Russian administration on the adjective “Web Media” publication. Janus Putkonen, who has been added to the packing list, has described his work effort as “valuable”. Is it possible that you – perhaps inadvertently – have been exploited or exploited by Russia in commenting on the Writings of the Web Media, linked to the Putonen Group?
  • You’ve let me understand that some of the writings you put in your name wouldn’t have come out of your pen: do you implying that some of the writings that have been found in your name are fake?
  • You told YLE in an interview in 2016 that you were dreaming of returning to Iraq. Does this dream still live or have you settled in Finland permanently?

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