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J.E.Dyer: ‘Easter worshippers,’ ‘Palestinian’ Jesus, ‘Confederate Evangelicals’: Left’s language departs the planet…….


J.E.Dyer: “Making sense of a tale told by an idiot…”

One of the key discussions we have had at Liberty Unyielding in the last few years is about developments in the use of terminology and how they shape our premises when we talk about issues.  Examples include things like the mainstream media referring to traditional-marriage supporters as “anti-LGBTQ,” as if that is an accurate characterization rather than a biased propaganda expression.  The same applies to calling people who want secure borders for the United States “white supremacists.”


This past Easter weekend, we saw the Left go beyond the obvious tendentiousness of its previous exertions in this area.  It has gone to a new level of deliberate exclusion of facts, and even to the complete loss of connection to reality.


Probably the most famous instance at this point is the choice of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to decry the bombing attacks in Sri Lanka as attacks on “Easter worshippers.”


The attacks were at churches and hotels.  To the extent the latter may have been full of Christians traveling for Easter, perhaps there is a case that referring to “Easter worshippers” covers territory similar to what would be covered by referring to “Hajj pilgrims” if there were attacks at multiple venues in Mecca.


You have to go out of your way to not acknowledge that bombing multiple churches during services on Sunday – any Sunday, not just Easter – is attacking Christians. The same would be true of talking about an attack on a mosque during the Friday service and failing to just say “Muslims” were the victims.


Obama and Clinton didn’t go out of their way to avoid saying Muslims were targeted. They did go out of their way – both using the same odd phrasing – to avoid saying Christians were targeted.

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