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Palestinian Authority threatens to retract recognition of Israel if it continues to freez the Arabs’ terror funds……..


You can’t retract what you never gave in the first place…


That Arafat and the PLO voted in approval to recognize Israel has always been a ruse proffered by the Clinton regime. I have a first-hand account by someone who was there covering the PLO meeting on whether or not to recognize Israel. The Finnish journalist, who will remain anonymous, told me first-hand over 15 yrs ago that the PLO representatives filing out of the building after the vote, all had differing ideas on what they just voted on. Recognizing the state of Israel was not the carrying theme of the day.


Palestinian Authority: We’ll retract recognition of Israel

PA threatens to cease security coordination with Israel if freeze on terror funds continues.


Palestinian Authority (PA) Vice Chairman Mahmoud Aloul on Monday said that if Israel continues freezing tax funds, the PA will cease security coordination with Israel and retract its recognition of the State of Israel, Israel Hayomreported.


Israel’s cabinet in February approved the implementation of the freeze on funds to the Palestinian Authority. The law, which passed in July 2018 with a majority of 87 Knesset members, offset 502,697,000 shekels ($138,426,818) from funds transferred from Israel to the PA.


Last month, PA employees received 50% of their salaries, while terrorists and their families continued to receive their salaries as usual.


“The leadership plans to retract recognition of Israel and cease coordination on security matters with the occupation’s forces,” Aloul told the Shehab news agency.


Aloul also blamed the US for the situation, saying that “the American government decided to escalate matters in the area after transferring its Embassy to Jerusalem, and it actively encourages the Israeli settlement enterprise. Right now, Israel is planning to annex parts of the West Bank.”


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