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Angela Merkel’s halfassed, lame comdenation of jihadi terror against Christians obeserving Easter Sunday services……..


Islamic jihadis, sharia supremacists murdered close to 300 Christians on Easter Sunday…


Merkel couldn’t even mouth the word Christian, they were just “people” celebrating Easter, one of the more important events on the Christian calendar. Excuse me for looking like I’m nit-picking, but it’s crucially important in journalism and for public leaders to properly label events, people they’re weighing in on. In Christchurch, New Zealand, it was just “people” mowed down by a lunatic fanatic during their Friday observances, they were Muslims. Unlike in New Zealand, the perps in the Sri Lanka massacre of almost 300 Christians/other people were in fact religious, who would consider themselves to be pious Muslims. Dammit, tell it like it is!


Germany’s Merkel condemns ‘religious hate and intolerance’ after Sri Lanka attacks

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday condemned a wave of bombings against Sri Lankan churches and tourist spots, urging that the “religious hate and intolerance that have showed themselves in such a terrible way today must not win”.

“It is shocking that people who gathered to celebrate Easter together were consciously targeted in this malicious attack,” Merkel said in a condolence telegram published by a spokeswoman on Twitter.


Almost 160 people including dozens of foreigners were killed in a series of eight bomb blasts that ripped through high-end hotels and churches holding Easter services in the island state Sunday.


The powerful blasts — six in quick succession and then two more hours later — wrought devastation, including at the capital’s well-known St Anthony’s Shrine, a historic Catholic Church.

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