UK cops skateboarded with eco-anarchists but wrestle Brexiteers to the ground…….


Kid glove treatment for the Left…


Full force of the law (if you’re a Brexiteer)! Heavy-handed police shove Yellow Vest protesters outside Parliament… after skateboarding and raving with eco-anarchists in week

  • Police were filmed clashing with pro-Brexit protesters in Westminster today 
  • The footage shows officers grappling with demonstrators in yellow hi-vis vests 
  • Police were earlier criticised after officers were filmed raving with protesters, while another was spotted skateboarding on Waterloo Bridge
  • Earlier in the week Sajid Javid urged police to use ‘the full force of the law’ against Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters in the capital


Police were filmed clashing with pro-Brexit protesters outside Parliament today – after being spotted raving and skateboarding with environmentalists during the week.


The footage, taken outside the Palace of Westminster, appears to show officers grappling with one demonstrator, who wore a high-visibility yellow vest similar to the ones worn by French protesters, before the struggling parties fall to the ground.


A voice from the crowd can be heard saying ‘that was out of order!’ as officers seem to restrain the protester as he lies on the road.


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