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Peter Hitchens: I am sick of the self-righteousness of the Left…….


It’s why we should never let them dictate, let alone lecture to us…


PETER HITCHENS: It starts with screeching Lefties calling us Nazis… It ends in a police state

I am sick of the self-righteousness of the Left. Their nasty demonstrations about climate change, and their screeches of ‘Nazi!’ at any opponent, are not just wrong, but warnings of a police state to come.


When they gum up London, stopping other people getting to work or going home, with beatific smirks on their faces, they are punishing us for not being as fanatical as they are or – worse – not even agreeing with them.


Their protests are not against the Government, which long ago caved in to the Green fanatics, and goes around blowing up perfectly good coal-fired power stations to please them. They are against us, for not being keen enough on their intolerant cult.


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