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Vlad Tepes Blog: Deceased Mossad chief who helped capture Nazi war criminal Adolph Eichmann supported German AfD party…….


Amazing video of retired Mossad chief Rafi Eitan supporting the AfD. The man was literally a Nazi hunter, took down one of the biggest war criminals out there at the time, Adolph Eichmann, and knows that the AfD is not what the morons in the media and political opposition say about them. Time to end the nonsense…


Vlad (thanks be to him) has the following to say:


A few months ago, one of our translators did a video of what Ezra Levant might call, “A professional Jew” who went into the German Parliament and humiliated the AfD party until they walked out in disgust.
They were claiming that the AfD was a budding Nazi party, “far right wing” and the other populist (I use the term in the correct way. What is popularly thought instead of what is true) nonsense.
I never published that video here at VladTepes as it was made to create antisemitism. (I don’t mean we translated it for that reason, but the event was created by far leftists in Merkel’s party to create a fiction that the threat to Jews in Germany was the AfD (alternative for Germany) and mot the socialist policies of Merkel and the mass importation of genocidally antisemitic muslims.)
The AfD should have thought of something better as a reaction, than to walk out, but I cannot say I blame them. After all the work they did establishing their credentials as a party of equality for all and not National Socialist in any way, this little tactic by a professional Jew or professional Jewish organization that swooped in to wield the weapon of antisemitism for political points instead of, and in fact against, reality was more than they could bear.
So what a delight it was to be informed of this magnificent example of a real Jewish person who has established credentials, as opposed to a far-left-wing extremist hiding behind his ethnicity and often, phony awards from non-existent ‘human rights’ groups, like so many SJWs have, speak so positively about the AfD.
When I say established credentials, this is the man who tracked down, caught and brought to justice, Adolf Eichmann.
No less that the former D-Ops of Mossad, Rafi Eitan:


NOTE: Vlad leaves an important point for us:

“As I have stated in numerous essays on this site, the problem with lefty Jews is that they are lefties who use their Judaism as a shield from criticism and a weapon with which to advance what they really care about, their leftism.”

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