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Oulu: Imam of Islamic Society of Northern Finland has a serious PR problem, rape in the mosque and dead jihadi son-in-law…….


Ok, the IL writer is a goofball for falling for the faux phenomenon of “Islamofauxbia”, but he brings out some interesting details in this writeup…


What the imam is pissed off about, is that the accusation and the trial were not done according to Islamic norms, meaning, the sharia. This is something that the ignoramus reporter for the IS can’t figure out because he’s clueless about Islam and is walking on eggshells. The girl, under sharia law, would have to have had four or more witnesses to prove that she was raped by the man. Here, in the civilized West these matters are weighed out according to believability and physical evidence.


Also, who lives in a country for over 30 years and can’t speak a lick of Finnish?


Analysis: Oulu’s tumultuous imam is trying his best to protect its community – the result is just more anger and it’s no wonder

The Islamic Mosque in Oulu has been hit by the public storm. Imam Abdul Mannan’s speeches do not help the situation at all, but are likely to incite more Islamophobia, writes journalist Alexander Pikkarainen.

Recently I called the North – Islamic Society of Finland Imam, Abdul Mannan. The purpose was to inquire about the business of his son-in-law who had died in the ranks of Isis, as well as of an earlier case of rape in the mosque.


At the other end of the wire was a nervous and shocked man who at first said he refused to give an interview, but then he spoke, providing more statements.


It was clear that Mannan was defensive. He does not want the public to open more background, but issued appeals that his son-in-law’s joining Isis – was not about himself, but another human being. I understood from Mannan’s speech that he felt Yle’s news was trying to harm him and his Muslim community’s reputation.


When it comes to such grave issues as the possible financing of a terrorist organization by Finnish business or sexual offenses against minors in the prayer room, it is quite clear that Finnish media will be digging into it and continuing to dig. Manna does not seem to understand this, but experiences interviews and interview requests as some sort of pursuit.


Although he has lived in Finland for years, she does not speak Finnish. When interviews are conducted in foreign languages and the cultural background is different, we are in immediate trouble – especially when things are as serious as they are.


He replied to my questions and replied that he was still on Muso Asoev’s side. Mannan thinks Asoev is a decent man, a respected person in his community. On the opposite side, the victim of the crime is an eight-year-old girl and her family.


Mannan says the sexual offense is about a girl’s family problems. He doesn’t get into any specifics.


He also says that the police did not find any evidence of the crime on the mosque’s surveillance records and that Asoev intends to appeal to the Court of Appeals.


Mannan said the earlier article in the Helsingin Sanomat only showed the girl’s story. However, the judgment also refers to other oral and documentary evidence.


The judgment was supported by the law, for example, by the change in the girl’s behavior at the time of the act. The girl trusted her religious teacher, which Mannan continues to regard as a respectable Muslim.


It is at least interesting to see the position of the Court of Appeals in the case.


However, it is clear that from the point of view of Finnish legal sense, the position taken by the leader of his community seems inconceivable. Imam Mannan either firmly believes in the word of the man in his community, contrary to the experiences of the little girl, or he does not understand the damage that is constantly occurring.


Even the beginnings of the crisis communication are heavily lost on the imam, and unfortunately, his behavior in publicity is likely to increase anger towards Islam and his mosque, even though he tries to do his best.




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