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Finnish pseudo-journo Saska Saarikoski’s two year old tweet counting the days till Trump’s removal didn’t age well……..


Saska is a hilarious gas-bag…


Finnish blogger Sami Kuisma had him pegged in a comment to his infamous tweet:

Sami Kuisma 3 Dec 2017 More Replying to
Can we start the Saska countdown already? In civilized countries, “journalists” who speak deliberate shit finally get the shoe …


This is what happens when instead of being an actual journalist (having an inquisitive mind, going after the facts) you sit back and stare till bug-eyed at CNN/MSNBC programs or translate the blather from the hacks at the NYSlimes or Washington Compost…. Hilarious nonetheless.


H/T: Alastontotuus

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