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US: President Trump Signs Executive Order to Defend Free Speech on Campus, meaning no money for failure to protect free speech for conservatives…….


This is a very big deal…


Sending a message/warning to every single establishment of higher learning that in order to keep your subsidies you’ll have to allow diversity of the thought and speech, is a good thing for the republic as a whole. No one is denying the lunatics on the Left opportunities to express their anti-Enlightenment ideas, it’s only conservatives who are being persecuted and denied their free speech rights.


Donald Trump Signs Executive Order to Defend Free Speech on Campus


President Donald Trump signed an executive order promoting free speech on university campuses on Wednesday at the White House in front of conservative student activists.


“Today, we are delivering a clear message to the professors and power structures trying to suppress, to keep young Americans and all Americans from challenging ridged far left ideology,” Trump said. “People who are confident in their beliefs cannot censor others.”


The executive order signed by the president requires universities to certify that they support free speech on campus in order to receive federal research grants.


“Taxpayer dollars should not subsidize anti-First amendment institutions, and that’s exactly what they are,” Trump said. “Universities that want taxpayer dollars should promote free speech, not silence free speech.”


The president said that the $35 billion in federal government research grants would only be given to colleges that could certify their support of free speech and the open exchange of ideas.


“If a college or a university does not allow you to speak, we will not give them money, it’s very simple,” Trump said.


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