Islam in Germany

Former Muslim who fled Islam in his own country no longer finds Germany as a safe haven…….


Those who champion open borders with Islam are stabbing actual dissidents of Islam right square in the back.


A dear friend of mine who left his home country a while ago, because of Islam, is now contemplating yet another move because of Islam once again. I have spoken many times on this subject. It would be the same as if during the height of the Cold War, political dissidents granted asylum in the West had to keep moving due to persecution because of ten millions of hardcore communists were being allowed into these countries as well.


I want to become a German citizen and move as far away as possible from Islam. This will be probably Switzerland or so. I am not convinced that Germany will be doing okay in 15 years or so. I moved out of Turkey simply because of Islam (I would make much more money in Turkey than in Europe due to my father’s network), and I am not ready to live in a country where Islam is dominant. I really love Germany but I don’t have the power to stop Germans from destroying their own country


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