Finland Islamic Child Abuse MUSLIM SETTLERS Rape

Finland: Oulu’s first conviction of Muslim rapist of 10 y/o girl happened inside a mosque, Imam says he knows nothing…….


The rape of the 10-year-old now undeniably linked to Muslims…


In spite of the book Easy Meat describing what took place in the UK, it explains what’s happening here in Finland as well.


Kaleva: The crime that led to abuse in Oulu was in the mosque – Imam: We have not seen evidence

On Wednesday, the District Court of Oulu delivered its first conviction for sexual offenses.

On Wednesday, the Oulu District Court sentenced a 44 – year – old alien to three years and eight months in prison for serious sexual offenses against a child.


During the summer and fall the man touched a 10-year old girl on different parts of her body in a sexual manner.


According to information from various sources received by Kaleva, the crime was committed in the Pohjois-Suomen Islamilainen Yhdyskunta (North – Finland Islamic community)  prayer room or mosque. A foreign girl who was victimized went to the mosque to study the Quran.


A person related to the victim who was interviewed by Kaleva wonders why the president of the community has not supported the victim’s family after the abuse. According to him, on the contrary, the imam said that if they contacted the police, it would have caused problems for the mosque.


Imam commented on the incident to Kaleva, telling that the families of the foreigner and victim who were convicted of the crime were close. According to him, they had agreed on an arrangement with each other.


– The arrangement was not ours.

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