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Finnish YLE “fact checker” Johanna Vehkoo in court on defamation charges for calling Oulu City Councilman Junes Lokka a Nazi


Johanna Vehkoo works for the Finnish state broadcaster as a “fact checker”.


If she can’t prove that the city councilman is a card-carrying Nazi, espousing full belief in National Socialism, she very well might have to cough up some money.



Oulu District Court today addresses the charge of Johanna Vehkoo’s defamation of Junes Lokkaa

The Oulu District Court begins a session today at 09.00 where fact checker Johanna Vehkoo is accused of libeling Junes Lokka.


Vehkoo, in a 2.11.2016 Facebook post, slandered Junes Lokka as both a racist and a Nazi. Fact checker Vehkoo wrote:

“A bit of a thing about Finnish Nazi clowns. Today I had to appear with Rosa and Sarah in a bookstore in Rovaniemi and then later in the evening with a feminist gathering at a local bar. Well, I became ill, and I couldn’t go, so Rosa and Sarah were forced to attend the envent intended for me.
The well-known racist Junes Lokka and the Finnish Sisu activist Tuukka Kuru learned that I was coming to Rovaniemi, so they decided to ambush me. The intention was to appear under pseudonyms and to “interview” me for video and to disrupt the event.
The Nazis had been chatting about their plans publicly on Youtube, so I got wind of it in advance. Thus, in the bookstore, there were four guards and one policeman in the book shop. Nice to know that such cases are taken seriously. “


Junes Lokka is the Finnish city Councilman in Oulu that uncovered the Muslim rape epidemic that the local police and media were trying to keep covered from the public.


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